The results of this election cycle highlighted the culmination of years of effort to minimize the value of the individual vote in the national election. Join us March 5th for a national unconference of community organizers, grassroots activists, long-term advocates and interested citizens such as yourself.   We’ll look at long-term strategies designed to tackle one of the most basic and fundamental rights, our right to vote.  Brainstorm and share ideas, learn more about your rights and responsibilities and leave the unconference with new connections and opportunities to create lasting change and continue building a nation for all of us.

The virtual unconference is focused on issues that impact our vote:

  • Gerrymandering
  • Voter suppression, registration & engagement
  • Electoral College
  • Fair and factual journalism
  • Media as an institution
  • Other voter related issues

This is a stepping stone on the path to develop a national, concerted and unified effort to strategically address these issues using a state-by-state, nonpartisan approach.

We are as strong as our advocates.  You know who should be here.  Invite them.  Join us in standing for our rights and declaring our responsibility as a citizen will not be trumped.

Have questions? Info/questions: Contact valuethevote (at)



Time:  Sunday March 5th 3pm EST / 12 pm PT 1.5-2hrs