Frustrated ?   Upset at watching the liberties and values of the American Dream under fire?

Check out these resources to help you get involved at the level you are ready and willing to invest:

National Organizations & resources:

Indivisible Guide– A practical guide by former congressional staffers to resisting the Trump agenda – also organizing groups at a local level. – An active and engaged national group with state level chapters dedicated to cultivate a movement of politically engaged citizens that can ensure the existence of a responsible, transparent, and accountable government that serves the interests of the American people. Slack, facebook, mailing lists.  You can get involved here at a variety of levels.

What Do I Do About Trump?– A Resource hub dedicated to spreading information & making connections.

Action Together Network–The Action Together Network (ATN) is a national network of more than 50 groups with a combined membership of over 200,000 whose goals include, but are not limited to, political action. Their purpose is to act as a communications hub, resource center, support system and a way to amplify the groups’ actions. – Federal legislative tracking  –  U.S. federal legislative information. The site provides access to accurate, timely, and complete legislative information for Members of Congress, legislative agencies, and the public. It is presented by the Library of Congress (LOC) using data from the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, the Government Publishing Office, Congressional Budget Office, and the LOC’s Congressional Research Service. – Targeting state legislative races in an effort to impact the outcome of the national elections.  Learn more about what elections are coming up and how they impact the nation.

Solidarity Sundays –  A nationwide network of feminist activist groups focused on taking action to resist Trump.  The group meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month in homes across the country on activities such as engaging with elected officials, amplification of action items and building communities to work for peace, justice and equality.

Tell All Your Friends– A website that is designed to be a one stop experience for those interested in taking action. Non-typical data such as legislatures more likely to defy Trump, ways to influence Trump (think wallet and ego), as well as specific campaigns and organizations to donate to. Email updates available, frequency uncertain.

Calling Tools:

  • 5 Calls–  Facebook and Twitter don’t give the same opportunity to influence your representative as a phone call or in person meeting does.  5Calls makes it easy, input your location, select five topics you want to call about and 5 Calls gives you the numbers and a script to make the call almost effortless.
  • The 65 (formerly We’re His Problem Now Calling Sheet) a website that lists weekly calls to action focused on legislative outreach (making calls) detailing the issues, history, calling scripts and contact info.
  • Fax Congress – a fremium site that allows you to select your state and your senator and send a fax, if full mail boxes and busy lines have you frustrated.  You can include an attachment as well or keep your message in the body of the fax.



Congress Town Halls – who, what, where, when and why organized by a volunteer team.


Email / Subscriber lists:


  • Action Now–  Sign up for a daily email provided by Grassroots community organizing with suggested actions to help others and reduce the impact of racism, sexism, class and income inequality, disability discrimination, and more.
  • Build the Wave– Email subscription list to receive daily acts of resistance.  You are responsible for knowing your representatives and their contact information.
  • Do A Thing – A daily email that contains an idea for one thing you can do in under five minutes or for less than $5 to be more civically-minded.
  • Five Minute Resistance – Five minute acts of resistance centered on meaningful and sustainable actions delivered through daily emails.
  • Progressive Action Daily -Progressive Action Daily shares one action or news item related to progressive social change in the US each day, meant to keep you involved and not overwhelmed.
  • Project 1461 – A community of Progressive Americans committed to political and social education and calls to action.  Choose between a daily or weekly (Thursday recap of prior 7 days) email with calls to action.  Blog, Local connector / contributor opportunities and general resources.
  • Rogan’s List –  A blog run by an information and fact-checking geek. Between Facebook, Twitter, and email, the team gathers action items during the day and then posts a list of to-do’s with supporting reference materials in the evening.
  • The Loyal Opposition – Focused on a free Constitutional Republic, and inspired by Indivisible, these daily calls to action are quick and easy (think call to your rep), well researched (links), and contain the information necessary for you to take the action (script & phone numbers).


  • Actions for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of conscience– Weekly email list to help people get involved in opposing the Trump presidency, visit the page to view past actions and sign up for future emails.
  • America Will Be – Weekly action emails to fight media complacency.
  • Attrition Coalition – Making social activism simple enough that everyone can participate focused on Racial Equality, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Immigration Protection, Climate Change & LGBTQ Equality with a weekly call to action, calendar and local legislative focus.
  • Damsels in Defiance – Civil disobedience group focused on equality, liberty, accountability, and justice.  They send out a weekly look ahead action items list Sunday night.
  • Fight Trump– A weekly email with calls to action, along with urgent action alerts when necessary.
  • Movement to Oppose Trump– Simple action items sent out once a week.
  • My Civic Workout– Helping new activists get involved with resistance through action item emails a few times a week that have 5-minute, 10-minute, and 30-minute activism “workouts” that will help you (and America) get in shape.
  • Re:act – A Weekly roundup of important news events, and detailed coverage of important topics such as ACA reform, Trump Cabinet nominees and concrete actions you can take to resist.
  • Small Deeds Done– An email weekly newsletter with resistance actions put together by a reformed lawyer who fact checks the law and provides a framework for the calls to action.
  • Wall of Us– Four acts of resistance delivered to your in-bin each week on Sunday.
  • Weekly Actions to Resist Trump– Weekly resistance actions including a call to action and opportunity to provide financial support aligned with the call to action. A brief explanation of the situation is followed by prompts, select your state and make the call.  Phone scripts are listed to guide your conversation.
  • What We Do Now – A weekly email with 1-2 concrete things you can do post-election that takes

Monthly / other 

  • Flippable– Focusing on delivering information about state races, who is running, what type of support they need, the site is building a community of progressives committed to flipping state seats blue.  Targeted emails.
  • The Dream Corps is a social justice accelerator helping reshape what’s possible and focusing on America’s toughest challenges including  #cut50: Transforming the criminal justice system,  #YesWeCode Increasing opportunity in the tech sector, and Green For All: Building an inclusive green economy.  The organization coordinates meetings, facilitating conversations, hosting teachins and fight for an inclusive country.  Email, text message, sign up to volunteer.
  • Opposition Today–  Your choice of a weekly or daily email with resistance actions as simple as speaking with someone, donating to a cause or calling your representatives.  Social Media focus (Twitter / facebook)
  • All The Good We Can– Raising awareness of ways to fight for the needy through one email a month focusing on: Women’s Rights, Immigration, the LGBTQ Community, Disability Rights, Racial & Cultural Equality, and Children (the future of our Nation).
  • 2 Hours a Week –  A community fostering a new level of civic engagement following the 2016 election by offering 2 hours a week of tangible action through email. Actions are listed by #, no dates, no easy connection to your reps.
  • Track Trump – Tracking fulfillment of Presidential Promises for the first 100 days including concrete items from his Contract with the American Voter, which contains his promises for his first 100 days.  @track_trump

Location Based:

  • Pantsuit District– Washington DC based, non-partisan, intersectional and inclusive organization fighting for human rights, gender equality & social and economic justice promoting forward thinking policies. Blog, Resource Library, Calendar and Subscriber list for calls to action.

Facebook Posts:

  • 3NoTrump– 3 quick actions a week posted on facebook


  • Millennial Caucus – Solving policy through fostering engagement and discussion rather than argument and slander.  Focused on looking beyond left and right, and instead forward for all. 501c3 organization that is currently raising funds and looking for social media followers.
  • The Orange Resistance – A website focused on fighting oppression (racial, religious, gender, immigrant & climate) in the Trump era through identification of one action or opportunity to either resist Trump or work for social and climate justice. (RSS feed & social media) @OrangeResistanc
  • Daily Grab Back-Platform run by women for progressive activism advocating five minutes a day of support.  Check the site for new actions.  There is also a blog component.
  • TrumpCast podcast from also available at Slate’s TrumpCast page.
  • For a More Perfect America– Progressive blog addressing politics & current events
  • Serve 306 – Pledge to volunteer 306 hours in your community over President Trump’s first term – one hour for each electoral vote he received.  Lear more about volunteering, find opportunities, and share your progress.  @Serve306Org


Install and use Tor Browser (Windows & Mac), Orbot (Android), Onion Browser (iPhone)

*We are actively bringing together a national coalition of organizations, grassroots activists and concerned citizens to develop and execute a strategy that supports our vote and our voice.  Join us.