When you need new insurance do you cancel your current coverage before finding a new carrier?  Of course not.  You research, speak to agents and shop for the coverage that makes sense for you, all while still covered under your current carrier.

That’s normal.

Repeal and replace is not.

To build on the progress we’ve made is the goal.  Refuse to dismantle it.  Health insurance is a basic human right.  Demand access.  Demand equality.

There is a reason that the administration is pushing for repeal and replace.  It relates to the amount of votes needed to accomplish different actions in legislation.  Don’t be fooled by party politics.  We deserve legislatures that speak for the people and act for the benefit of the people of US.

Find out more about the issue and how to demand equality: rise-guide-to-save-our-healthcare

*We are actively bringing together a national coalition of organizations, grassroots activists and concerned citizens to develop and execute a strategy that supports our vote and our voice. Join us.


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