My Vote, My Right, My Voice

Your vote is your voice.  For years this voice has been minimized.  Join us as we fight for our voice, as we craft a strategic plan to bring equality and democracy back to our great nation. 

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The issues

It’s time to dismantle the systematic repression of our vote.

In unity we stand to defend our voice through a non-partisan, national and unified strategy to return this nation to we the people.

Focusing on innovation and audacious goals, we will systematically address and dismantle those policies and legislation that have hindered our nation’s ability to be at the forefront of a global economy that values the perspectives of the global consumer, that prioritizes STEM education, that supports inventions and entrepreneurs and protects the least among us.

Through existing organizations such as the National Popular Vote, and newly born grassroots advocates such as Rise When We Fall, we will tackle challenges such as the electoral college, voter suppression, registration & engagement, gerrymandering, fair & factual journalism and media as an institution.  Join us as we lay the foundation for a non-partisan platform focused on positive, progressive, democratic change.  

We will unite, where there is fraction. We will fight, where there is fear.  We will support those who may not understand the ramifications of their actions.  

Together, we can move the needle and give people back their voice.  Join us in strategy, in brainstorming, in thinking outside the box of politics, to bring a human-centric, fair and just system to the US political arena, so that it is no longer for him or for her, but for us – #ALLOFUS.  

We are actively bringing together a national coalition of organizations, grassroots activists and concerned citizens to develop and execute a strategy that supports our vote and our voice.  Join us.